Current Projects

Bachelor Project "Lipdub 2011"

Perform and marketing of the 'University for Applied Sciences Bremerhaven'
My job: Camerawoman for the lipdub including post production, writing texts for the Website of our Website


In this course we learn about film, how to use the cameras, to set the light and to make fantastic sound. Additional we learn how to produce a film with all their properties and the dramaturgy part. We have to produce each week a short film or a AfterEffects exercise.
The exam will be a fake trailer.

Film Theories

The different ways of producing films and their theoretical history are here explained. Every week we get show a genre of film and have discussions about the background theories.

Interface Design

We learn to design interfaces user-optimized and analyze which quality characteristics woulb be the perfect for an interface.


Handling, optimize and modify of database are here asked. All two weeks we addtional have the course "Database multimedia", where we used to analyze some database with a special algorithms like a search of pictures.

Completed Projects

Introduction to Mathematics for Digital Media (1 )

Introduction to Digital Media (1 + 2)

Introduction to Physical and Technical Basis of Digital Media

Fundamental Methods (1 +2)

Introduction to Media Design: Process of Design

Digital Media Systems, Networks and Databases

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