About me

My name is Bülent Canbay and I'm study Digital Media at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven since 2009.

I was born in Germany but my parents comes from Turkey.

Ever since I can remember, Arts are always in my life. As a child I loved to film with the camcorder from my father. In the teenage tim e I prefer to play-act in theaters oder seminars.

My decision for applying a study was: Something with film and art! Digital Media is the perfect match of these two directions. For this mission i started a practice year at a digital media agency in Bottrop, germany.

I want to start a direction study at the movie and tv university in potsdam, germany, but private problems stopped my desire. So between 2004-2007 i participate Seminars in Cologne where i meet Buket Alakus (Director) and Günay Köse (Actor). They told me to start study something with Arts / Films because this is a strength of me.

On this way I ambition to study Digital Media Bachelor of Science in Bremerhaven.



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